About Us

Hi! Welcome to www.clickapparel.com. Ever heard that making a transaction is like building a relationship as it needs trust between both parties. So why not understand the story of Click's before building our relationship?


Click's is a self-customized fashion brand. We were founded in the summer of 2010, has handled more than millions of different types of orders. With the changing times, people desire to infuse their personal ideas into a product especially on their attire. Therefore, Click's was established for this purpose.


What’s on your mind when people were discussing about customize? Uniform? Class shirt?

Nope, in Click Apparel, we aim to subvert the tradition concept of people towards customization into ours believe. We believe customization is a new element and leader in fashion trend.


In our philosophy of less-is-more, it defines as comfortable, remarkable and affordable and all of these are achievable at the same time in Click Apparel. It may seem unlikely but it exists.

Shop with Click Apparel, you will enjoy the unique experience of self-customization in our platform. Yes, you might not need a lot of clothes, but the comfortable one, the one that make you unique is more than enough.