About Us

Hi! Welcome to http://www.clicks.studio/ . Ever heard that making a transaction is like building a relationship as it needs trust between both parties. So why not understand the story of Click's before building our relationship?

Our Story

Click’s was established on June 6th,2010 in Malaysia
Click’s means falling in love at first sight
Which is exactly our mission: “to create something that can pull people’s heartstring at first sight”
Click’s is is a firm believer of “less is more”, Adhering to craftsmanship, we limit our production, most orders are customized.
We refuse the cheap, fast but sloppy mass production
At the beginning, Click’s was called “Click Apparel - Personalise Printing Shop ”
Our main business back then was uniform so we needed orders in large quantity to survive
We even provided processing services
But after years of operation our business was still down, We couldn’t afford the price war launched by rich companies

Thus our founder decided to change our direction into forging our brand
He put up three words on the wall of his office “小而美“(Small and Beautiful)
Then we embarked on a new journey

“We stick to what we love with passion and determination that others can’t empathize with
Say no to this superficial and bustling world and develop our “small but beautiful” brand.”
Founder- Vincent Tan

Click’s成立于马来西亚 2010年6月6日,
Click's 主要核心思想想传递的是 "Be who you are"
“Don't judge my choice, when you don't understand my reason.”

2010年Click's原名为 “Click Apparel - Personalise Printing Shop”

“小而美 Small and Beautiful”

Click’s笃信 “因小而美“
大部分订单都是(Made to order)单件定制的,

-创办人 Vincent Tan